Activation Inspiration

For the fourth annual Mental Health Action Day more than 2,300 organizations, brands, government agencies, and cultural leaders come together to support the global movement to shift our culture from mental health awareness to mental health action.

See below for Activation Inspiration from Mental Health Action Day 2024.

Mental Health Action Day Awareness


CBS, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, National Council for Mental Wellbeing, and NAMI are among the brands and organizations joining Mental Health Action Day 2024.

Activations include:

SHOWTIME / MTV Entertainment Studios and Active Minds are launching a digital experience designed to help people learn how to A.S.K. or Acknowledge, Support and Keep-in-Touch.

In this interactive choose-your-own adventure style YouTube video, users put themselves in the shoes of Charlie, a young person navigating how to support a friend. Charlie has just run into Luna at the local coffee shop and needs help guiding the conversation. As the user helps Charlie decide what to say, they will practice using the "stop, drop, and roll" of supporting a friend, A.S.K. — Acknowledge, Support, Keep-in-Touch.

For users who want to learn more about how to Acknowledge, Support and Keep-in-Touch, the video will lead to an interactive website with tips, activities and social media shareables.

Visit on May 16th to try the digital experience for yourself, because the best way to help a friend is to A.S.K.!

Big Brothers Big Sisters is hosting ASKtivations in a Box at nearly 20 agencies across the country. Each agency is receiving a box of A.S.K. materials to host their own community event to share A.S.K. - Acknowledge, Support, and Keep-in-Touch. Each box includes materials for DIY friendship bracelet making, and one large A.S.K. bracelet installation, along with flyers, stickers, buttons, and more.

Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes and Think-Film Impact Production are hosting impACT, an extension of the Festival de Cannes' and Marché du Film's investment in corporate social responsibility, on Mental Health Action Day. Join a panel with SHOWTIME / MTV Entertainment Studio's VP of Social Impact, Noopur Agarwal, Founder/CEO of PROJECT BLACKBIRD, Alexandra Miles, with Moderator, Gabriella Geisinger - ASK The Audience: Building a Socially Responsible Creative Economy. See the full schedule here.

Indianapolis Colts have designed a sticky-note exercise around a variety of mental health topics and they are shipping kits "in-a-box" with instructions to ~30 of their organizational nonprofit partners. Each partner is invited to hold their own sessions on Mental Health Action Day and to post using #MentalHealthAction #KickingTheStigma

Drumming for Your Life Institute presents THE LARGEST DRUM CIRCLE in the history of Los Angeles. Join us on Thursday, May 16th at 11:45am for the Creating the Community and Life You Want Drum Circle, featuring a performance by the Legendary Queen of Percussion: Sheila E. Register for this free event here.

TED is launching a cultivated playlist of Mental Health and peer-support videos to be shared and viewed on Mental Health Action Day and beyond.

Detroit Pistons are hosting a Mental Health Action Day clinic in collaboration with Henry Ford Health, Headversity, and David McCullar’s Inception. The event will host teens and Pistons staff at Henry Ford Detroit Pistons Performance Center to participate in a variety of mental health therapeutic activities. Activities will include mediation, trauma, stress, and roundtable discussions centered around mental health.

Employer Activations

Washington Commanders are honoring Mental Health Action Day by teaming up with MTV and Active Minds to raise awareness for their A.S.K (Acknowledge Support Keep-In-Touch) campaign. As part of the initiative, they're embracing the recent trend of friendship bracelets and are inviting and encouraging all employees to join in crafting their own friendship bracelets to support this cause and to contribute to Big Brother Big Sister non-profit.

National Council for Mental Wellbeing is hosting their next all-staff meeting on Mental Health Action Day, May 16th. Team members will share a short presentation about the National Council's Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM) campaign and Mental Health Action Day. This presentation will lead staff into a break-out room conversation around the theme for this year: Dedicate One Hour to Connection.

Media Cause is hosting an internal challenge for this year's Mental Health Action Day: EAT LUNCH SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN YOUR DESK. AND WITHOUT BEING ON A SCREEN. (gasp!)

They are inviting team members to block off a full hour to get up, take a walk, make / order their favorite food, or go out and grab whatever sounds delicious. We all can use a reminder now and then that it's OK TO TAKE BREAKS! So today, they're doing it together as an agency.

They are also giving everyone a stipend to treat themselves, as well!

American Health Marketplace is hosting an interactive Zoom event aimed at fostering deeper connections among colleagues in the virtual workspace. Through table topics, employee spotlights, and interctive Games, Participants will have the opportunity to engage with each other on a personal level, promoting inclusivity and collaboration.

Moxie Marketing Agency is giving employees a half day (8:30AM to 12:30PM) to spend time toward whatever action they'd like to take on Mental Health Action Day.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota is holding a Pet Social event for employees and their families. Two local shelters will bring dogs and cats for employees/families to cuddle and pet, learn about adoption, fostering and volunteering opportunities and connect with their co-workers. Employees are encouraged to step away from their desks, go outside for some fresh air and fun.

KC CARE Clinic will be closed for the day. During the morning, teams are encouraged to spend time doing something together for connectivity - some are volunteering, some are doing training on compassion fatigue, and others are doing team building. The afternoon is followed by our company picnic at the Zoo where everyone can participate in connectiveness activities.

EPIC Long Island is hosting a 'Day of Connection' at a mental health resource event on-site for staff. Employees will be able to chat with representatives from the behavioral health clinic and human resources, who will be available to answer questions on mental health and provide resources. Additional tables of information will be available for people to take home and share with their friends, family and community. Several activities are planned to encourage conversation and connection with each other, including a 'Conversation Corner', where people can go to sit and have quiet conversations together.

Meteorite is dedicating an hour for their team to connect with each other, their families, or themselves. Participants can use an Uber Eats gift card to enjoy a meal while engaging in meaningful conversation.

We have scheduled an optional “Open Brunch” hour at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET. This hour is designed for employees to connect with colleagues, friends, or loved ones, or to spend time reflecting and connecting with themselves.

Participation Options

Join the Open Brunch: Connect with colleagues in a casual, virtual setting.

Personal Time: Use this hour to connect with friends, family, or yourself.

Share Your Moments: If you connect with a local friend or spend time alone, share a picture in the Meteorite #milkyway channel.

Optional Breakout Rooms (if participation allows):

Character Connections: Discuss a character you resonate with (optional dressing up).

Global Connections: Share travel plans or stories (use a Zoom background or show a souvenir).

Mini Connections: Introduce your ""Meteorite mini"" (plants, pets, or kids).

At Meteorite, we believe that when our team members have the chance to unplug and recharge, we can deliver even better results for our clients and the communities we serve. Thus, we will also have a Meteorite-wide Mental Health Day off on Friday, May 17th.

Alterman Group, Inc. is encouraging employees to get connected by having lunch with co-workers. They created custom hard hat stickers and also Mental Health Action Day cards to hand out to both office and field electricians at all of their job sites.

Activations in Communities

Mental Health Action Day events take place in cities around the world, including nonprofit activations by MTV's 21 Mental Health Action Day 2024 grantees. A selection of events taking place on Thursday, May 16th are listed below.



The Ever Forward Club is mobilizing educators and schools nationwide to participate in Mental Health Action Day on May 16, 2024. The initiative encourages schools to engage students in the #MillionMaskMovement by going to, where they will create masks as a symbolic action towards mental health awareness and support. This nationwide effort emphasizes the "A.S.K." model—Acknowledge, Support, Keep In Touch—to inspire a shift from awareness to actionable support in mental health.


Therapeutic Play Foundation wants you to take ACTION for your mental health. We are hosting a free sound bath, free diapers, mental health resources, refreshments and your chance to win a free acupuncture session. Register here.



Envision:You, in partnership with Colorado Artists in Recovery, is thrilled to host a public event for Mental Health Action Day featuring grounding activities such as creative meditation, trauma-informed yoga, and sound baths, as well as LGBTQ-friendly programming aimed at destigmatizing conversations around mental health and substance use.



Drug Free Manatee invites their community to join in recognizing Mental Health Action Day by participating in the Mental Health First Aid Training at Braden River High School.

Holly Hill

Are You DJ Inc. is partnering with Trailblazers Youth Leadership Club for an open conversation on mental health. These young men and women will have an opportunity to express themselves on how they are affected and the action they are taking to maintain mental stability.


Barbershop Speaks: Discover well-being at the "Self-Care & Wellness Fair" with professional haircuts, VR relaxation, massages, manicures, stretching, and guided breathing exercises, culminating in the impactful ASK Assembly emphasizing support and connection for lasting wellness.


Peer Support Coalition of Fl, Inc. is inviting all staff to wear their green polos and gather at All Fired Up for a pottery-you-paint activity in observance of Mental Health Action Day. Participating in creative activities can help people cope with stress and despair and alleviate the burden of chronic mental illnesses.



Usher's New Look will present a youth-lead workshop and panel discussion at our Spark Center. Training will include the Community Resiliency Model (CRM), presenting youth with tools to support their mental health and how to stay resilient in times of stressful situations.


Mother's Against Gang Violence presents a sound therapy session for community.


thouARTwell Ministries is passing out a limited amount of printed booklets to the community. They include some information, resources and coloring pages. They will include small crayon packs to go with the booklets.


3D Girls, Inc. and Honeysuckle Gelato are hosting Scoops of Joy on Mental Health Action Day!

Free gelato for the first 50 guests! Everyone is welcome to enjoy delicious treats at discounted prices from 4pm-8pm on Thursday, May 16th, 2024.

Let's come together to raise awareness for mental health and cool off with a yummy treat!


Calumet City

Center of Hope Foundation: Join us for Behind the Mask - Mental Health Action Day, where we'll be hosting empowering workshops and discussions aimed at destigmatizing mental health, fostering resilience, and promoting self-care practices.


Gabriel's Light: Chicago-based youth mental health and suicide prevention non-profit Gabriel's Light will run their ASK & ACT program on MTV Mental Health Action Day. The ASK & ACT program provides education and resources to youth organizations in under-resourced communities through hands-on workshops promoting kindness, creativity, and peer-to-peer communication about mental health.


Simply Bee is hosting their 4th annual community walk & ice cream social on May 16th. This event is open to all families and donations will go towards a local organization, Families Helping Families Chicagoland. There will be fun SWAG, mental health resource booths and ice cream for all! Register here.


Fort Dodge

NAMI Central Iowa is hosting the Make it OK Walk in Fort Dodge Iowa. Join them and MANY local mental health resources to show your support for reducing the mental health stigma. Wear green, take a stroll around the square, grab lunch and chat with local resources.



Glow Up Counseling & Consulting, LLC is offering free mental health services for the day.



I AM MENtality is organizing a community basketball game for Mental Health Action Day in Baltimore, inviting participation from diverse members including young men, community leaders, mental health experts, and law enforcement officers. The event will feature a pre-show with a DJ, a dessert food truck, and halftime discussions led by licensed clinicians, emphasizing positive community-youth relationships and mental health awareness. Register here.


Ann Arbor

Invest In Access: Mayor Christopher Taylor Proclaims the 3rd Thursday in May annually as Mental Health Action Day in the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Invest In Access will host a hybrid activation focused on the ASK pillars. The event will include an interactive panel on inclusive communication strategies that improve mental health for young adults, specifically disabled young adults. Digital Venue Experience and Live Broadcast Powered by All Together Now.


Taylor Made Re-Entry: In celebration of Mental Health Action Day, Taylor Made Re-Entry, as an MTV Mental Health Action Day grant awardee, proudly announces its second annual mental health activation at the Genesee County Jail. This initiative is a direct response to the urgent need to confront mental health challenges among incarcerated individuals across the U.S..

Statistics reveal that 80% to 90% of individuals in jails nationwide return to their communities without adequate rehabilitative support. Compounding this issue is the disproportionately higher prevalence of mental health issues among law enforcement officers compared to the general jail population.

In an effort to tackle these pressing issues, Taylor Made Re-Entry is dedicated to supporting the mental well-being of both staff and individuals within the jail environment. Through this initiative, we aim to provide essential emotional and mental health tools for success, ensuring that all those impacted by incarceration have the resources they need to thrive.


NAMI Grand Traverse: Mental Health Action Day Event (Community collaboration of NAMI Grand Traverse, The Rock of Kingsley Youth Center, KTown Health Services, and everGrowth Consulting). Our event consists of offering Key Note Speaker, Jeff Olson 'Do It for Daniel" and a mental health panel following the presentation of 4-5 varied mental health services providers from our region. We will also have mental health community organizations that will have resource tables for our audience members. Open to the public; everyone; all ages.


Just Ask Talk Show: Executive producer with a co-producer (student) a Diverse Panel discussion with youth representers from various cultures to tell stories of diverse communities services or programs that help teens from all backgrounds.

Mt. Pleasant

Rural Community Health Worker Network is holding an event with the Mt. Pleasant High School Drama students called "Conversations". During this part of the event the community will be able to interact with local community organizations and learn more about the resources available to them within their own community. There will then be a performance of "I Don't Want To Talk About It" by Bradley Hayward. This will then be followed by more time for the community members to interact further with local support organizations after the performance. See more.


Mental Health Association in Michigan and Newport Healthcare are joining forces to provide attendees with cutting edge and tangible information around mental health and substance use disorders. On this World Mental Health Action Day, three sessions will be provided at the Hollywood Casino and Hotel at Greektown, downtown Detroit in Salon E/F on Attachment Based Family Therapy (ABFT), how to navigate the community mental health system, and what you need to know about ketamine therapy. CEs will be provided and vendors will have mental health resources available. See more.


Greater Flint Health Coalition is kicking off the 2024 S.T.R.O.N.G. Summit with a live, in-person community focused event with speakers and workshops focused on mental health, learning, connecting, and growing together as a community. Come together to support togetherness, resiliency, opportunity, networking and growth to improve healthly outcomes for our community. Register here.



Kairos Alive!: Arts and health producing and education organization Kairos Alive! collaborates with Twin Cities, Bemidji, and New Ulm, Minnesota education, healthcare and community health organizers to design and implement a mental health action day event with neuro-divergent young adults and LGBTQIA2S+ youth. Based in dance, live music, story, and arts and health research learning - including the A.S.K. protocol - the May 16th 2-way interactive participatory Zoom webcast outreach event includes a network of senior centers and organizations who serve people with disabilities in greater Minnesota.

New Jersey


Someone's Daughter and Maple & Monroe: Global Social Impact Think Do Tank proudly announce CALM (Creating Acceptance and Living Mindfully), a groundbreaking Youth Tech, Mental Health, and LGBTQ+ festival, set to revolutionize inclusivity and mental wellness on Mental Health Action Day. This transformative event will merge technology, education, and community support to empower young individuals, particularly from marginalized communities, fostering a society where every mind thrives and every identity is celebrated.

New York

New York

Born This Way Foundation: Amidst startling statistics revealing that 1 in 4 individuals grapple with mental health challenges (WHO), recent data sheds light on a concerning trend: American youth, for the first time since the inception of the World Happiness Report in 2012, have plummeted out of the Top 20, now ranking 23rd. This decline underscores the urgent need for proactive solutions. Enter the Be There Certificate: a free, interactive online course, available in English, French, and Spanish, is designed to empower youth to better support their peers through mental health struggles - developed by and Born This Way Foundation.

New York

Boys and Girls Club of Harlem: Brilliant youth leaders, from the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem, will spearhead programming focused on belonging, resilience, growth, and social connection for Harlem's youth community. Attendees can also enjoy delicious food, receive gratitude journals, personalized bracelets, and access mental health resources provided by local organizations.


Redefine Strong Inc and Social Work Diva are hosting The Golden Age of Wellness, a Mental Health Lunch and Learn for Older Americans Month. NYS Assembly Member Brian Cunningham, and District Leader Sarana Purcell aims to provide a space for older adults fo talk about the unique stressor of aging, build community support, and learn tools to prevent and navigate mental illness.

North Carolina


Western Carolina Pacesetters announces plans for Mental Health Action Day at the Adventure Center, featuring school field trips during the day and public access, including the climbing tower, from 3 pm onward. Activities designed for family fun, community partners, dog adoptions, and food trucks will be present, fostering a supportive environment for mental health awareness and engagement.



The Scatter Joy Project (Scatter Joy Inc) presents Studio Stories, an all-day free event for the public to explore the transformative power of art. Immerse yourself in the works of nationally renowned and local artists who create from a place of compassion, aiming to spread love, hope, and joy. With an arts gallery, live podcast conversations, and live music, attendees can craft their own experience, leaving inspired and uplifted. Additionally, visitors can support mental health resources by purchasing apparel from the Scatter Joy pop-up shop, with 100% of profits dedicated to this vital cause.



Malone Family Foundation is hosting a celebrity hockey game focused upon the healing power of hockey. Those participating in the game will be over 30 current + former NHL players, members of our Veteran and First Responder communities and mental health advocates. The evening prior, our celebrity players will engage with our heroes and guests during an exclusive reception, which will feature a panel (hot-stove style), intimate concert and discussion on our mental health journeys.



NAMI Knoxville is turning awareness into action by fostering community engagement and empowerment around mental health, hosting their volunteer kick-off on May 16th. Register here.


San Antonio

Thrive Youth Center is hosting A Day to Thrive for Mental Health Action Day, providing immediate resources from community mental health partners, empowering guest speakers, uplifting activities, and community connection with both clients and the wider San Antonio community. They aim to create a day of JOY for clients and the wider community, encouraging everyone to take action regarding mental health! The event will provide free food, art activities, and entertainment by the band Cedars! A Day to Thrive for Mental Health Action Day will take place at San Pedro Springs Park, at the corner of San Pedro Ave. and W. Myrtle St., San Antonio, TX 78212 from 4-7pm. It is free and open to the public and press; tickets are not required. See more.



Teen Care Network: Join Teen Care Network for 'A.S.K. Together' on Mental Health Action Day, where we'll empower youth to Acknowledge, Support, and Keep-in-Touch with each other through engaging workshops, music, food, speakers, and a vibrant community atmosphere, fostering a culture of empathy and understanding around mental health.



Free2Luv®, an award-winning youth development nonprofit that empowers, transforms, and saves the lives of under-represented youth through the arts and mental health education, is an Mental Health Action Day Founding Partner. Free2Luv is creating a school-wide mental health community event titled 'Connection Through Expression' for middle and high schoolers incorporating the A.S.K. principle, a prompt-based art project from their 72-page creative expression art journal (created by mental health professionals, child psychologists, and teens), and interactive community art murals promoting peer-to-peer engagement. Free2Luv is also teaming up with content creators and gaming industry professionals for a 4+ hour livestream hosted by content creator and mental wellness advocate TheMayhemMermaid. 'Making Waves for Mental Health' incorporates a sea of activities, including a roundtable discussion, artistic showcases, and creative insights & tips to improve your mental wellness.


The Northeast Family, Youth, System Partner, Roundtable (FYSPRT) and Passages Family Support are hosting their 3rd annual Resource and Self-Care Fair Thursday, May 16th from 1:30-4:30 pm with several local organizations participating. It is free and open to all Apple Health/Medicaid eligible individuals and families in Spokane County. There will be free Mobile Market foods from 2nd Harvest, refreshments, raffles for self-care baskets, Range health screens, and information on healthy living including resources for adults, youth and families.


United for Global Mental Health: The 2022 Lancet Commission for Ending Stigma and Discrimination in Mental Health reports that careless media reporting perpetuates stigma and discrimination, by using stigmatising language and simplistically or inaccurately linking mental health conditions with violence. This bars people from reaching their full potential, harms their mental health further, and at worst contributes to suicidal behaviour. WHO also notes that vulnerable individuals are at risk of engaging in imitative behaviour following media reports of suicide, particularly if the coverage is extensive, prominent, sensational, explicitly describes the method of suicide. and condones or repeats widely-held myths about suicide. Responsible reporting may help to educate the public about suicide and its prevention, may encourage those at risk of suicide to take alternative actions and may inspire a more open and hopeful dialogue about mental health/illness in general. Stories demonstrating help-seeking (positive coping) in adverse circumstances may strengthen protective factors and thus contribute to prevention of suicide and other adverse effects of mental illness.United for Global Mental Health is organizing a media roundtable for journalists in the African region, which will provide a platform to share resources, facilitate open conversations about the media's role in fighting mental health-related stigma and discrimination, track progress on the Lancet Commission study on stigma and discrimination, and disseminate the World Health Organization's media guide on reporting on suicide prevention The media roundtable will be held on May 15. This is a day before Mental Health Action Day and resources will be shared with the media to support them in reporting on that day. Register here.

The Creative Well is planning meeting for a creative retreat for artists to support creativity and wellbeing including mental health.

They have also offered a free relaxation day to final year students at LIPA (Liverpool's Institute of Performing Arts) to support their wellbeing.


Our Daily Bread Community Outreach Center, Inc.: On May 16, 2024, students at all schools will allow students to present morning announcements with a positive affirmations over the intercom. Schools will also schedule time for students at each school to take a break, talk about their mental health challenges, and / or discuss their self-care needs. School staff will also engage in mindfulness exercise on May 16th.

San Francisco, CA

Jamestown Community Center is proud to partner with MTV to host Cuida Tu Salud Mental 2024: A Teen Wellness and Mental Health Action day on May 16, 2024. We will celebrate and empower 160 middle schoolers at our Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 afterschool site in the Mission District of San Francisco, offering free wellness and self-care activities, including group relaxation & yoga sessions, hygiene kits, haircuts, and a clothing closet.

Fremont, CA

My Good Brain: In May 2024 for Mental Health Awareness Month and Mental Health Action Day on May 16th, My Good Brain (MGB) is launching a series of initiatives to promote mental wellness. This includes hosting Teen Mindfulness Groups and an art & mental wellness workshop at the Fremont Main Library, collaborating with AHS Psychology Club to distribute self-care kits to students, and organizing a "Study Break Meetup" event during finals week. Additionally, MGB is partnering with The Hood Hippie Love Yourself (THHLY) to release a limited edition apparel collection, with proceeds supporting MGB's Tool Kit program for 2025. See more here.

Los Angeles, CA

Arts for a Better Tomorrow will hold it's first Mental health Action Day at Highland Park High School. A day of workshops to raise awareness of healthy mental health practices and a screening of our student created short film and PSA. We shed a light on the importance of mental health for our youth, family and our comunidad!

Washington, DC

Our Minds Matter (OMM) is a teen-led, research-driven movement to change the culture around mental health. For Mental Health Action Day, teens in OMM clubs will lead their middle schools, high schools, and community centers to pause the normal day and "Move With Music" — to take a collective breath, to give our bodies & brains a break, and to move in the name of joy.

Boston, MA

The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute will be partnering with students at Madison Park High School and John D. O'Bryant School in Boston for Mental Health Action Day. We will be facilitating peer-to-peer mental health "check-in" practices as well as creating interactive art installations that promote positive messaging and tangible steps to take for students to ask for help and support.

Monroe, NC

Piedmont High School's Break the Silence club is teaming up with MTV once again this year for Mental Health Action Day on May 16th. Students will get a chance to enjoy a mental health break during Panther Time on May 16th. The community is invited to come out to Piedmont High School on Friday, May 17th for games, some treats, area vendors who specialize in treating and improving mental health, and a free outdoor showing of "Inside/Out."

South Huntington, NY

The Flawless Foundation: We're thrilled to return to Walt Whitman School for another mental health event, building on our successful partnership to make an impact on Mental Health Action Day. With five workshops and informational tables reaching 1,959 students, alongside a team of Flawless Student Ambassadors ("Natural Helpers")we're dedicated to deepening our commitment to mental health awareness and support within the South Huntington, NY community. On May 16th, we will engage students in conversations about mental health and wellness, raise awareness, and share resources.

Philadelphia, PA

CogWell: Host an event at the University of Pennsylvania with guest speakers and our Listen Up workshop to offer students from numerous partnered colleges skills to increase peer support among their friends.

Coppell, TX

The Defensive Line is hosting a Mental Health Fair on Thursday, May 2nd in collaboration with Coppell High School's Anatomy & Physiology classes who are planning and facilitating all the details with guidance from TDL. This peer-to-peer event provides powerful insight and perspective on mental health from youth for youth. Activities include a showcase stage for speakers and presentations as well as interactive booths that focus on different aspects of positive mental health, coping skills, and connective activities. The goal is to provide positive tools to support themselves and others while focusing on the ASK objectives - Acknowledge, Support, and Keep In Touch. This event is open to the community and will be filmed and released on May 16th.

Houston, TX

Gustavia Pearls Women's Outreach: On May 16th, we mark Mental Health Action Day by empowering high school students to channel their emotions and stories through art. Our activation not only offers a creative outlet but also teaches valuable skills for emotional expression and dialogue, creating a supportive community centered around mental wellness.

Seattle, WA

Free2Luv®, a MHAD Founding Partner and award-winning youth development nonprofit that empowers, transforms, and saves the lives of under-represented youth through the arts and mental health education, is creating a school-wide mental health community event titled 'Connection Through Expression' for middle and high schoolers incorporating the A.S.K. principle, a prompt-based art project from their 72-page creative expression art journal (created by mental health professionals, child psychologists, and teens), and interactive community art murals promoting peer-to-peer engagement. Free2Luv is also teaming up with content creators and gaming industry professionals for 'Making Waves for Mental Health,' a 4-hour livestream hosted by content creator and mental wellness advocate TheMayhemMermaid, incorporating a sea of activities, including a roundtable discussion, artistic showcases, and creative insights and tips to improve your mental wellness. The campaign also features a national mental health activity book GIVEAWAY to support mental health through creative expression for anyone in the U.S. who reaches out to Free2Luv on May 16th through social media, their website, or email.


The Safe Place App is bringing more awareness to culturally aware mental health resources for the Black community. Two examples of this. 1.My app offers Free suicide prevention resources for The Black community that do not involve the police. Black people in a mental health crisis have statistically higher chances of being killed by Law enforcement so that's why "Suicide Support=No Cops" was launched in The Safe Place App. 2. My app offers a mental health directory of culturally aware mental health professionals for The Black community. I screen everyone who enters my resource and make sure they do not involve police in their services to Black patients. This is also important as Black people are over-all very criminalized in the mental healthcare system. Learn more.

Abundance of Hope Counseling is hosting a virtual event that seeks to illuminate the vital connections between mental health, education, and holistic wellness, fostering a culture of well-being and resilience within schools and communities. By convening renowned experts in mental health, education, and nutrition, our mission is to equip educators, parents, and caregivers with essential tools and insights to support student well-being, enhance communication, and cultivate nurturing learning environments. Through a live panel, participants will gain actionable strategies to promote emotional resilience, academic achievement, and thriving school communities. Join us as we empower parents, educators, and stakeholders to champion mental health and holistic wellness in the pursuit of student success and flourishing communities.

Climate Mental Health Network: Young people are disproportionately experiencing emotions and mental health issues because of climate change. The "Renew and Recharge: A Burnout Prevention and Self-Care Workshop for Gen Z Activists" workshop will focus on much needed self care and wellbeing practices and support for Gen Z climate activists. Register here.

Cure Brain Disease is hosting a Mental Health Action Day Event with co-rounder, Mrs. Julie Soares, who will be relaying information on our Current Mental Health Policies and Legislation, as well giving ideas on How to Make Change. Dr. Hilary Coon, Cure Brain Disease Chief Research Advisor, who oversees a research team at the University of Utah, will share groundbreaking discoveries on Biological Causes of Suicide. Co-Founder Mrs. Mary Allen will be discussing "Following Daniel's Lead", the Cure Brain Disease Mental Health Education Initiative, to include all children in our mental health discussion to bring much healthier outcomes for all of our children.

Nonprofit Marketing Academy published this YouTube video and will be providing a free lesson and template for individuals to create a mental health action plan. Learn more.

Springtide Research Institute: For Mental Health Action Day, Springtide Research Institute is offering a series on: Latinidad, Young People, & Mental Health. One of the high points in the series will feature an Instagram Live on Thursday, May 16th at 2pm ET; Leslie Priscilla, Founder of @latinxparenting, and Adriana Alejandre, Founder of @latinxtherapy, will join Springtide's BIPOC Research Fellow and clinical psychologist, Dr. Kitzia Moreno-Garza (on @wearespringtide) to discuss how to build environments where Latina/o youth and young adults can flourish in their mental health.

Stripped Raw: Men going through hardship are in dire need of alternative resources. Our team has been through their shoes and come out on the other side. The power of brotherhood is displayed and offered in this online program. On May 16th, provide free access to our online course to help men find inner peace.

The Mental Health Literacy Collaborative: Mental health literacy is a proactive solution to the mental health crisis. On May 16th, 2024, we will be launching our Mental health Literacy Aware certification. Mental Health Literacy (MHL) Aware is the first level of a leveled certification model developed by the MHLC to guide people in successfully integrating MHL into the fabric of their community. The Aware training includes one hour of content and focuses on educating individuals about 1) What MHL is, 2) Why it is beneficial, and 3) How they can bring this information to their community. In addition to these core focus areas, the training provides basic, real-world application strategies.

El Cantare Foundation: provides practical ways for teens, young adults, and their parents to cope with mental health challenges, including a 90-minute meditation lesson. During the Mental Health Action Day workshop, we will discuss active mindfulness techniques and encourage participants to engage in a participatory talk format to increase their interest in themselves and those around them. Our certified meditation teacher and spiritual counselors will be available to offer mindfulness mentorship to all attendees. Register here.

CookzCreed Foundation is publishing their Volume 1 guide/book for chefs and hospitality individuals. This guide/book is a mental health and substance abuse resource to help support you on your culinary journey. Take the first step in culinary wellbeing.

Virtual Brain Health Center: Participate in the Virtual Brain Health Center's live-online Mental Health Action Day events from May 14-16, 2024, and take charge of your mental wellness. This 3-day event offers complimentary programs covering functional nutrition, brain health fundamentals, stress management, mindfulness, pain alleviation, anxiety reduction, and more. Reserve your spot for these enlightening sessions at

GB2K: "Your Pain Matters 8th Annual: Action Day," Interactive conference focusing on mental health and healing in the industry. This impactful event features a diverse panel of speakers, including Tarralyn Ramsey, who will dive into mental health in the music industry, Suga T Stevens, discussing proactive steps to improve mental health, James Wright Chanel, who shares his personal journey with mental health, and Alicia Heeralal a Mental Health Coach. Also, don't miss Indy Bugg1 and her mother as they open up about their experiences and offer valuable tips for coping with mental health challenges. Don't miss this opportunity to learn, share, and take action toward better mental health. Register here.

Free2Luv®, an award-winning youth development nonprofit that empowers, transforms, and saves the lives of under-represented youth through the arts and mental health education, is an Mental Health Action Day Founding Partner. Free2Luv is creating a school-wide mental health community event titled 'Connection Through Expression' for middle and high schoolers incorporating the A.S.K. principle, a prompt-based art project from their 72-page creative expression art journal (created by mental health professionals, child psychologists, and teens), and interactive community art murals promoting peer-to-peer engagement. Free2Luv is also teaming up with content creators and gaming industry professionals for a 4+ hour livestream hosted by content creator and mental wellness advocate TheMayhemMermaid. 'Making Waves for Mental Health' incorporates a sea of activities, including a roundtable discussion, artistic showcases, and creative insights & tips to improve your mental wellness.

The Northeast Family, Youth, System Partner, Roundtable (FYSPRT) and Passages Family Support are hosting their 3rd annual Resource and Self-Care Fair Thursday, May 16th from 1:30-4:30 pm with several local organizations participating. It is free and open to all Apple Health/Medicaid eligible individuals and families in Spokane County. There will be free Mobile Market foods from 2nd Harvest, refreshments, raffles for self-care baskets, Range health screens, and information on healthy living including resources for adults, youth and families.

Mental Health America is running a Mental Health Awareness Bracelet Campaign, where they strive to break down the barriers of stigma surrounding mental health one wrist at a time. The initiative centers around a simple yet powerful accessory: a bracelet with dual-sided messages, "Today feels hard" and "I count today as a good day."

American Health Marketplace is offering therapy sessions the entire day and then a event called "Candid Connections: Unveiling the Faces Behind the Screens". The interactive Zoom event aims at fostering deeper connections among colleagues in the virtual workspace. Through table topics, employee spotlights, and interctive Games, Participants will have the opportunity to engage with each other on a personal level, promoting inclusivity and collaboration.

Inspiring My Generation has partnered with the National Federation of Families on a special activity for Action Day this year, called Messages of Hope. All month long, we are collecting messages of hope from individuals around the world via a submission link. On May 16, we will working with volunteers around the country to start turning the messages of hope into Encouragement Cards. Submit your message of hope and encouragement.

Parable of Sower Intentional Community Cooperative is hosting a program seminar on Zoom to discuss healing modalities and sociocracy

Harry's is providing free and anonymous screening tools, resources, and data that will help support men in prioritizing their mental health and well-being. See more.

AllPaths Family Building is hosting a 60-minute mindfulness exploration for anyone navigating a family building journey who would like to learn skills and strategies that will be supportive for the stressors they may encounter. Practices may include guided meditation, affirmations, visualizations, or gentle movement. Participants are encouraged to have a journal or something similar for writing. Learn more and register at

Hearts Connected is hosting a free 30 minute breathwork session to educate the community about this powerful technique that can be used to support one's mental health and give them a chance to try it and ask questions. They hope this time will help mental health professionals to see how even just a few minutes of proper deep breathing can support their mental health, so they can better support others and show up as their best self for those they love when they leave the workplace.

The Best Brain Possible is hosting 🛑 5 Ways to Stop Anxiety On-the-Spot 🛑, an online discussion that will give you five simple mental health tools you can use to calm your mind and body instantly, anytime, anywhere. Register here.

Project Petals is hosting a panel discussion and conversation that explores the connection between Mental Health and our environment. What role does our built environment contribute to our mental health.

BCC Evolution dba Make Mental Health Matter is hosting two events:

1. Second Annual e360tv special with guest speakers in the mental health space at 12pm-2pm MT.

2. Brain Break Community Event doing Paint Pouring because art is good for your mental health. 6p-8p MT.

The National Alliance for Eating Disorders is gearing up to release a captivating social content piece for Mental Health Action Day, spotlighting their invaluable resources as a means to actively support and care for those grappling with mental health challenges.

Advancing Integrated Health is hosting "From Surviving to Thriving: The Power of Mental, Physical, and Social Wellbeing," an essential on-demand event from May 16th to May 31st, hosted by Dr. Ronke Komolafe, MBA, offering expert insights and practical techniques for achieving true wellness through the merging of mental, physical, and social health. Join us to gain personalized learning and celebrate Mental Health Month with daily 10-15 minute videos, perfect for anyone looking to enhance their overall well-being. Register here.

Chic Bangs presents SHAKE for Mental Health to explore our connection to art, music and movement that includes a somatic movement practice. SHAKE for Mental Health includes an art exhibition and livestream event where we will discuss social connection, mental health resources and share a mindful movement practice! See more.

School Behavioral Health and Mental Health Literacy are hosting a research discussion with Dr. Mark Weist, Professor of Psychology at the University of South Carolina and Dr. Britt Patterson, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland. Register here.

the glowmedia project is releasing their film, Unimaginable, at midnight ET. They encourage young people to take time to watch the 15-minute film, alone or with a friend, then follow the lesson plan in the accompanying guide to further discussion and identify coping skills for dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.

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